Please respect my boundaries. If I feel my consent, safety, or comfort are under threat during our time together, I reserve the right to end our date immediately without a refund.


I follow security measures, so in case we decide to extend our time together, please allow me to notify my outside parties.








I understand sometimes life gets in the way of the plans made. If you need to cancel or reschedule our meeting I would appreciate you to do so as soon as possible. Same applies to the delays. 

In case of a no-show (no notification, or late more than 15 minutes without a notification) I will not be granting you the opportunity to re-book in the future. Please respect my time as I respect yours.








It should go without saying but to make sure our rendezvous will be a mutual delight, I expect general respect and politeness. Just like I will treat you.

Please take the opportunity to use my facilities if you have not had the chance to freshen up within the last hour.

You will find a fresh towel, toiletries, and mouthwash.

I will always be all fresh and groomed as well when we meet.


Mutual trust is a matter of honor to me. What we share, stays with us.


Quality over quantity. This is one to keep in mind, should you bring something else to drink or eat than water.


It takes time to prepare. I hope you understand my wish of getting your request preferably at least the day before. This is for both of us to ensure I will be all ready for you.






I welcome all genders; Trans, (cis and other) females, (cis and other) males, inter, genderfluids all others and agenders. You don't have to have the need to describe your sexuality in any way. Your sexual orientation can be anything and beyond. Few to mention, I welcome homo-, bi-, pan-, hetero-, flexible, curious and all others. If you are interested in diving gently into your sexuality in practice, in a safe environment, I am here for you.


Please understand that I am not a sexuality therapist or any other professional in that field.

I am more than happy to guide you forward in a gentle way if that seems necessary.


In a safe and approbative environment, you can feel free. No need to hesitate. I welcome you on this journey into the realization that sexuality is about so much more than just sex.

When booking, please add details of your wishes so I can make sure all your needs will be met, and that I'm the right provider for you. 

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Posso ter um funcionário sem registro?

R: Não, de acordo com o Art. 41 da CLT, que diz: Em todas as atividades será obrigatório para o empregador o registro dos respectivos trabalhadores, podendo ser adotados livros, fichas ou sistema eletrônico, conforme instruções a serem expedidas pelo Ministério do Trabalho.